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Anxiety Disorder Symptoms


Anxiety disorder symptoms are caused by a rise in the 'benchmark' or normal level of anxiety. This rise can be started by many factors such as stress or bereavement for example. Anxiety disorder becomes apparent when anxiety disorder symptoms become constant or regular.

What causes anxiety disorders and their symptoms?

Anxiety disorders are caused by a minute shift in the way a small organ called the Amygdala in the brain, handles anxiety provoking stimuli. By becoming 're-set' at a higher level of anxiety, the Amygdala causes a constant and relentless barrage of anxiety disorder symptoms.

Actually, anxiety disorder isn't a disorder, it's a condition caused by appropriate anxiety becoming inappropriate. The term disorder suggests that anxiety disorder is a medical condition or illness, it isn't, it's a behavioral condition.

Anxiety disorder can have massive and lasting effects on the sufferers ability to enjoy life, sufferers commonly experience symptoms such as panic attacks, phobias and many physiological anxiety disorder symptoms like shortness of breath, lethargy, insomnia and many more.

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