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What is anxiety and what can you do today, to cure anxiety disorders fast?

We will show you what over 155,000 EX anxiety sufferers did to cure their anxiety disorder - QUICKLY & PERMANENTLY.

Anxiety Expert Charles Linden


"My anxiety gripped me like a vice until I discovered the simple method that transformed my life in days and has since helped over 150,000 people worldwide to do the same and to make The Linden Method the most used and successful anxiety program in the world. Used by private practice and government, The Linden Method has made me proud."

Charles Linden

What is anxiety?

The anxiety response developed thousands of years ago to protect us when exposed to threats; the 'flight or fight' response prepares the body to either flee from, or fight, those threats.

The anxiety response causes the body to react in a number of ways that prepare the body for the extra exertion, speed and strength required by the body in order to remain safe.

My anxiety caused a wide variety of anxiety symptoms and conditions such as agoraphobia , OCD , Pure O and panic attacks , but many anxiety sufferers experience just a handful of symptoms that are disturbing and frustrating.

In these pages, I will attempt to explain how anxiety forms and to present you with the program, that I developed in order to overcome my own anxiety, that has now been successfully used by tens of thousands of people worldwide.


Anxiety Disorder - Is it a physical or mental illness?

In short, no, anxiety disorder is neither a physical nor mental illness!

The word disorder suggests illness, but I can assure you that you are not ill.

Anxiety is a behavioral condition regardless of how it makes you feel.

Anxiety is a natural response to fear and, like other bodily systems that can falter, causing things like indigestion, palpitations or sensitive eyes for example, the anxiety response can become disrupted too.

But, this isn't mental or physical illness... it's a temporary disruption which can be 'reset' very quickly indeed.

Anxiety disorder is the condition caused when stress, or constant anxiety provoking situations, cause the mind to become reset at a 'higher than normal' benchmark anxiety level.

Anxiety disorder is most noticeable by the vast range of unpleasant sensations and thoughts it creates.

Creation of an anxiety disorder can happen quickly and is usually the result of a stressful event such as work stress, bereavement, divorce or other anxiety-provoking situations.

Anxiety disorders can also form more gradually over weeks, months or even years.

When anxiety levels become raised due to such stressors, the mind makes a decision to 're-set' at this new level of anxiety; when this happens, an anxiety disorder is formed.

Anxiety causes a wide range of both physical and psychological symptoms, all directly caused by the anxiety reaction, all harmless, BUT all causing the suffer to feel unwell, at risk and frightened!

These symptoms are the sensations of the emotion of FEAR... BUT, they are NOT true fear!


Anxiety Conditions - what are they?

There are five main 'anxiety disorders', these are:

The medical and psychological fraternities came up with the names of the above conditions but, the truth is, that these conditions are also symptoms of high anxiety and not stand alone conditions at all.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, you have underlying high anxiety, without which, none of these anxiety conditions would exist.

Often, anxiety will create a mixture of obsessions, high anxiety symptoms and panic attacks, making it very difficult to categorize a sufferer's condition.

But, it isn't important to categorize a sufferer because all of these conditions are caused by elevated anxiety and require the exact same solution to remove them.

Often, anxiety disorder sufferers can be diagnosed as having 'depression', which is a common mistake made by medical practitioners world over.

Anxiety is a completely separate and very different condition to depression and confusing the two is akin to telling an Athlete's Foot sufferer that they have Eczema... they are both skin conditions but completely unrelated!

You cannot physically suffer from anxiety and depression simultaneously... unless you have two heads!


Anxiety Attacks - The pinnacle of high anxiety - Can they be stopped?

Anxiety attacks or panic attacks are the most extreme experience of anxiety.

Anxiety attacks happen when the hormone adrenalin, which prepares the body for fighting or fleeing from a threat, stays in the blood stream long after it is required.

The mind then activates a panic attacks in order to 'use up' the excess adrenalin. Panic attacks are NOT dangerous and can be cured very quickly indeed using my method.

Of course, if the anxiety is inappropriate and has been caused by a disorder and not by a true threat, it isn't used up at all; this is when an anxiety attack happens.

Anxiety attacks cause the heart to speed up and for digestion to


Can anxiety be cured? Of course it can.


By reversing the process that caused it in the first place!

Your mind is waiting to be told to switch of the emotion of fear... it is just that you don't know how to force it to do so... yet!

Using a structured and simple technique, you can completely reset your anxiety levels back down to normal - something that neither drug therapy nor psychotherapy can do in isolation.

Read on to discover more.


Anxiety Symptoms


Anxiety symptoms are caused by the anxiety response; they are either direct alterations of bodily systems in preparation for anxiety OR side effects of those changes.

For example, during high anxiety, the digestive system is slowed down to divert resources to other parts of the body, the muscles for example.

The side effect of this can be stomach cramps or discomfort. The cramps are caused by the anxiety reaction, but because the sufferer has high anxiety, they can be interpreted in other ways; fears grow and the anxiety worsens. This then causes more symptoms and so on.

This cycle of high anxiety can produce many sensations and thoughts that are mostly misinterpreted by the sufferer as being sinister or threatening, but they are not.

Anxiety causes changes in the body that can cause symptoms just about anywhere and some can be pretty extreme; this doesn't mean they are threatening in any way. All of them will disappear when you eliminate the underlying anxiety that causes them. FACT!

Having helped 170,313 people to recover, we have never had one case where this hasn't been true!


Anxiety Help / Support


Anxiety support can be unstructured, unsupportive and counter-productive.

Specialists such as psychologists and psychiatrists charging high hourly rates and often over long periods and administer techniques like CBT, which simply don't work in anxiety conditions. In fact, they are scientifically flawed, which is why the 'cure rates' are so low.

The biggest problem with anxiety help and support though is accessibility.

Anxiety sufferers require support, advice and reassurance during their 'high anxiety moments', which can happen at any time and not always when their chosen specialist is available.

Seamless access to answers is vital with anxiety disorders

Finding such a resource is near impossible through conventional anxiety support provisions, such as a psychological practice, medical practice or hospitals.

We know what an anxiety sufferer requires to become anxiety free.

We know what they need to hear and when they need to hear it.

We have helped tens of thousands of people to recover and understand what it is that creates the environment for recovery that YOU need.

There is nothing we can't advise you on.

We have heard everything and know what to do to support and reassure you when you need it!

This is why our support is constant and accessible and provided by qualified specialists.


Anxiety - The Cure

If you could turn the clocks back and reverse the changes that happened to you to create your anxiety, you'd be cured, right?


I know how desperate and scared you might be feeling. I know that you probably think that there is much more wrong with you and that the doctors are wrong. I know that you keep checking yourself, that you worry constantly and that you have strange or disturbed thoughts, bodily sensations and constant fear.

How do I know? Because I was you once and because I have now helped over 150,000 people, just like you, from around the world, to recover with a success rate of over 96.7% (the other 3.3% stare at the box and expect to be magically repaired!)

It is just so simple. By doing the exact same thing that ALL recovered anxiety sufferers, including myself, have done to become anxiety free, you can permanently remove the anxiety which fuels your anxious symptoms, sensations and thoughts and finally find peace for your confused and tired mind.

We provide you with a 'shortcut' to reverse your anxiety.

Instead of leaving you to muddle through therapies and medications that may or may not work, we provide a structured, simple and fast 'shortcut' to speed up the recovery process.

You see, we at The Linden Centers, understand exactly what you need to do to become anxiety free and working with us, you can follow the exact same process that I and all my recovered clients have followed to achieve this in the fastest possible time. It's so simple.

Linden Method Specialist and Psychologist Jenny Saunders comments:

Jenny Saunders


"Anxiety symptoms can be terrifying, frustrating and tiring. The information you are about to read is the most important information and solution to anxiety disorders and it's symptoms that I have ever come across. The treatment of anxiety disorders and symptoms isn't complex; in fact it's very simple. I never thought it was possible that a disorder like anxiety, that is considered to be so complex can be cured so simply - now I help people become 100% anxiety free."

Jenny Saunders BSc, MSc


So, what is the solution to anxiety?

"The solution to anxiety is very simple indeed. As I mentioned previously, because the subconscious mind has become 'reset' at a higher than normal level, the cure for anxiety is to reset your high anxiety back down to normal and the Method I developed does exactly that. Fast!

My Method simply creates an environment in which your 'anxiety switch' becomes reset back to a 'normal' level; in fact, the very level that your anxiety was at when you were born.

Over the last decade, I have created the most complete program of recovery, which takes no time at all to use and is very simple indeed.

Step by step, I lead you to the solution - it couldn't be simpler!


The Linden Method program is endorsed at the very highest level by research academics, the people who 'write the psychology books' and discover new treatment methods.


IMMEDIATE REASSURANCE - As you do this program you can email or phone our qualified staff as often as you like and get immediate reassurance from ex anxiety sufferers who have helped tens of thousands of people to recover - there isn't any anxious symptom or thought they haven't experienced, so you can be totally sure that you are going to feel a lot better fast!


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You can and will be anxiety free, that we guarantee you - Join us Today

You CAN and will become anxiety free, but you must follow a simple but structured process.

Some people are cured in just a couple of days, others a little longer; but our experience over the last 13 years, helping tens of thousands of people to recover, has shown us that EVERYONE is cured... IF they do it. We have children of seven years doing it, so you can do it too.

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