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An in-depth look at what The Linden Method is all about

The following articles are about the issues surrounding anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, Pure 'O', derealization, depersonalization and the symptoms and thoughts that plague sufferers.

Some articles have been created by Linden Method staff, some by independent parties, but all by people
with a mountain of knowledge amnd experience helping people to recover.



Rules for the loved ones of anxiety, panic & OCD sufferers

by Charles Linden, CEO, The Linden Centers

Some 'tips' for the loved ones and carers of anxiety and panic sufferers.

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YOUR needs provided for

by Charles Linden, CEO, The Linden Centers

I benefit enormously from being involved in the running of The Centers and in the early days, I was the support staff, media relations, accounting, order processing and every other role!
Now that we have tens of thousands of current clients and having helped well over 150,000 ex clients, there is no way I could do that, which is why I have hand picked an incredible group of people who assist me to maintain the level of service I would expect from myself... the best!

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How The Linden Method Changed My Life

by Daniel Kennedy-King

I just felt it necessary to write down some words of gratitude to The Linden Center and Charles Linden. In June 2004 I experienced a total mental breakdown which meant I was unable to work...

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The Amazing Discovery that Saved My Life

by Charles Linden, CEO, The Linden Centers

I want to share with you my own personal story of how I first started using my anxiety elimination techniques and how they totally changed my life and became The Linden Method.
After many years of helping tens of thousands of sufferers on six continents use The Linden Method, I can say with confidence that you will experience your own dramatic recovery from your anxiety condition, just as I did.
Back when I was anxious, having suffered for pretty much most of my life till I was 28 years old, I started researching the techniques...

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How The Linden Method Works

by Charles Linden, CEO, The Linden Centers

I have had so many people call or write to ask me exactly how The Linden Method works, that I have decided to explain just why what we do at The Linden Centers is different...

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Scientific Research Validates The Linden Method's Science
(A revolution in neuroscience: reprogramming the subconscious mind)

by Charles Linden, CEO, The Linden Centers

Science has focused on brain function more than any other aspect of human life for centuries and we would be lying if we said that we understand how the brain works; some things we understand, others we don’t have any clue about. The brain is, simply put, plumbing. It consists of an incredible number of pipe-work systems which are pruned and added to in order to store or render obsolete memories, behaviours and learning...

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What Others Are Saying About The Linden Method

by Charles Linden, CEO, The Linden Centers

The saying 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating', is so true. I can talk about the effectiveness of The Linden Method all day, but the truth only comes from hearing what ex clients have to say about their experiences. With hundreds of thousands of clients in over 170 countries, we get a huge quantity of feedback from clients who use and benefit enormously from The Linden Method.

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Can You Apply What You Believe?

by Charles Linden, CEO, The Linden Centers

In over a decade of helping clients with anxiety disorders through my products, seminars and books, I have noticed that many people have come across some of the techniques I advocate in my program when they come to The Linden Centers for help. Although they may understand some of these principles, they don’t understand how to apply them fully and there are always missing ingredients – if there weren't, they wouldn’t need to come to us for assistance.

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How the Notion That there is Something ‘wrong’ with You Shapes Your Recovery

by Charles Linden, CEO, The Linden Centers

You may have been told repeatedly that you have an anxiety disorder by medics, psychologists or other medical professionals, but do you believe this to be absolutely true?
It's easy to say that you have anxiety but believing it wholeheartedly is another matter altogether!
Beliefs are a vital part of the flight or fight response as they are formed by the coming together of sensory input, intellect and creativity... but why?

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