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Chronic Anxiety - Even chronic anxiety can be cured quickly

When I suffered with chronic anxiety, it undermined every element of my life. It caused havoc at work and at home and eventually I gave up work, declared bankruptcy and became a victim of the 'system'. I just gave up to start with, I found no help, no reassurance and definitely no solutions to my chronic anxiety levels. If I had known then, what I know now though, my chronic anxiety wouldn't have been as intrusive and it certainly wouldn't have destroyed a decade of my life and been the guiding force in every decision I made. Chronic anxiety doesn't have to rule your life... you can change all that quickly and simply... allow us to show you how.

When anxiety levels cause a constant state of high anxiety and/or panic attacks the condition is said to be chronic. Chronic anxiety is usually a collection of anxiety symptoms which can include panic attacks, depressed thoughts, disturbing thoughts and symptoms, agoraphobia and mood swings to name but a few.

Chronic anxiety produces symptoms and situations which usually result in the sufferer restricting their life so much that their work, relationships and general enjoyment of life is radically compromised. The fun goes out of life and fear steps in, accompanied by symptoms of chronic anxiety like chest pains, racing heart and other anxiety disorder symptoms.

So what can you do about chronic anxiety?

It might not seem like it now but there is a lot you can do. Anxiety, whether chronic or mild is all caused and perpetuated by the same internal mechanism. Chronic anxiety isn't about mental illness, it's about a minute change in the way the brain handles anxiety provoking information.

There is a switch in everyone, called the Amygdala, a small almond shaped organ in the brain, which is a control switch for anxiety levels. This 'switch' is either 'anxiety ON' or 'anxiety OFF'; when the switch is off it can be activated only by real danger, when it becomes 'stuck on' it can produce anxiety symptoms which are scary and 'chronic'. You can switch off chronic anxiety. It's not difficult to do, you just need to understand how to do it and put it into practice.

Victor tells us of his recovery from chronic anxiety, using the Linden Method:

"Hello this is Victor from Las Vegas. I just wanted to say I bought the Linden Method Pack about 4 months ago due to my chronic anxiety and panic attacks. After successfully implementing the techniques over the last 4 months I am now 100% better. I got anxiety so bad that I was starting to develop agoraphobia.

I was calling in to work, missing dates, hiding from my friends outings and many other things. I used to get anxiety so bad at work I would have to run to the bathroom due to choking sensations and gagging into the sink feeling like I had to throw up.

I had chronic insomnia, mood swings, feeling of going crazy, disturbing thoughts just like he said, muscle spasms, twitches, palpitations, dizziness, headaches and the list is endless.

I used to go to sleep and wake up with anxiety 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Been on the ambulance and to the emergency room 3 times. I just wanted to die. I can never repay Charles Linden back for the help he gave me."


Regardless of the level or frequency of anxiety you experience, whether chronic or mild, we can show you 170,313 clients have used The Linden Method to dramatically and permanently eliminate their anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD very quickly indeed. These websites are a portal to a very real world organization who work with government bodies, psychologists and doctors from around the world. If you seriously want to get rid of your chronic anxiety or wish to eliminate mild anxiety, The Linden Centers can help you achieve that.

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