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Globus Hystericus EXPLAINED & Removed!

The annoying lump or tightness in your throat!

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OK, you have a persistent or intermittent lump in your throat or Globus Hystericus.

Let me try to firstly explain what it is, then tell you a quick fix way to 'possibly' eliminate it and then go on to explain what else you can do NOW to permanently get rid of it and the anxiety that fuels it.

Many people believe that the presence of this 'symptom' is causing them to suffer from anxiety BUT, actually, the opposite is true. The reason you have Globus Hystericus is because you suffer from an anxiety disorder. Globus hystericus is a SYMPTOM of high anxiety.

Globus Hystericus usually manifests itself as a feeling of tightness or a lump in the throat, often, but not always, causing a feeling as if you have something 'stuck' in your throat. Globus hystericus can also feel like you can't swallow or like someone has their hands around your throat.

Many people experience a 'lump in the throat' when confronted by something sad or happy, such as during a wedding, an emotional film, or maybe when something very sad happens to them.

Globus hystericus is completely normal and happens as the result of the 'flight or fight' response. This 'anxiety' response is designed to assist us in times when 'real' danger is present, but, often it can also surface during times of stress and sadness.

It is caused by a tiny and insignificant muscle in the throat that is a 'throw back' feature from way back in human evolution. The muscle's original function was to prevent water flowing into the lungs as we entered water.

If you experience Globus Hystericus regularly, even when no 'real' threat is present, it means that you suffer from inappropriate fear responses, also called anxiety disorder.

I can show you a quick fix to help alleviate the feelings of Globus Hystericus, but, long term, we need to eliminate your underlying high anxiety state... which we can do, quickly and permanently.


Please be reassured... Globus Hystericus is a tightening of the muscles around the throat area, that's all. It isn't that your throat is actually closing, that you will be prevented from breathing or eating... it is simply a symptom of anxiety. It's harmless and treatable through our anxiety elimination therapy.


Globus Hystericus Quick Fix

Now, I am not implying that this works for every person, all the time... it works most of the time.

It may be that the relief you experience from doing this is temporary and that you have to repeat it at intervals throughout the day, but that is surely better than being conscious of its presence ALL THE TIME.

I will tell you this now, but please promise me that you will then, read on... it's vital that you understand that this is NOT a Globus Hystericus CURE, it's a 'first aid' treatment.

The cure lies in undermining and eliminating your inappropriate anxiety levels... that will allow you to move on with your life completely anxiety free.


Step 1

Find a quiet place to be. Now, take a warm flannel or face-cloth and hold it against your throat and neck for a minute. DON'T burn your skin with scalding hot water.


Step 2

Now, take the flannel away. Stand upright with your back against a wall or sit on a stool so that your back is straight. Tilt your head back as far as it will comfortably go so that you can feel a stretch in your throat you will now be looking up at the ceiling. Hold this for five seconds.


Step 3

Now, slowly roll your head to the left and then to the right, still maintaining the stretch in your throat. Take 5 seconds to complete one complete left to right roll. Do this 10 times.


Step 4

Now, place your hand on your throat at the position where it meets your chest and locate the two 'stringy' muscles which run down each side of your adams apple and disappear behind your chest bones. Now, using one or two hands, firmly (but make sure it is comfortable), massage those muscles LENGTHWAYS, massaging out any tension. Do this for 2 minutes.


Step 5

If you detect any more tense muscles in the neck, either side of the windpipe, just give them a gentle massage to release them.



Now go back to doing the head rolls for a further 5 repetitions and relax.

Sit still for a few minutes to allow your muscles to relax. Slowly get up and walk around.

Now, this may not have an immediate effect, but doing it regularly throughout the day can provide quite substantial relief.


Please watch this reassuring & empowering video recorded for you & all sufferers

I have recorded this 'off the cuff' video as a response to an email I was forwarded whilst away on holiday. The video has really struck a chord with sufferers, so I have posted it here for all our site visitors to watch.  



Take care.


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