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Panic attacks and anxiety don't cause heart attacks!

Your heart is racing, you feel faint, sweaty, weak; your legs shake, you feel dizzy and scared...your initial reaction is 'I must be dying, having a heart attack!' BUT YOU'RE NOT!


Panic attacks, anxiety and heart attacks are not linked according to the BEST medical research done across the globe by the world's leading scientists and I can back this up by saying that NEVER in over ten years, helping over 170,313 people, have I ever come across a case where someone has been diagnosed with panic attacks and anxiety when, in fact, a heart condition has been responsible.

Millions of people worldwide suffer with panic attacks and other anxiety disorders which create these scary and intense symptoms but this isn't heart disease. In fact, with every panic attack or racing heart you experience, your heart is being exercised. The heart is a muscle so making it work harder actually strengthens it. OK, agreed, it isn't the best way to get exercise but at least you know that you're not in danger!

The truth is, a heart attack feels and is, completely different to a panic attack and certainly doesn't allow you to remain as alert and responsive as you do when you have a panic attack!

It's true that medical practitioners immediately reach for the stethoscope or the ECG machine when confronted with a panic attack BUT that is an insurance policy for medics, just so that they can confirm 100% that you will be fine...they HAVE TO do this, it is a requirement of the medical authorities that control the doctor's actions, protecting them from legal action.

Panic attacks and anxiety disorders mimic heart attacks and their symptoms because the heart is the organ which fuels the body, supplying every muscle with fluids and food with which to become stronger in times of stress and during the flight or fight anxiety response... the pains, banging, palpitations and tightness are all COMPLETELY NORMAL AND HARMLESS!


The SYMPTOMS aren't the issue! The ANXIETY DISORDER IS!

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