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Is anxiety a mental illness?

No, it certainly is NOT!

Anxiety disorder is NOT a mental illness, it is a behavioral condition, there is a very BIG difference. Mental illnesses are clinical conditions which have a 'biological' basis, anxiety disorders are caused by a 'resetting' of the 'baseline' anxiety level; this happens through reinforcing the anxiety disorder by repetitive anxious behavior.

There is NO other cause for anxiety disorders, FACT! All of the symptoms you experience are caused by mal-adjusted reactions in the brain causing your mind and body to react with an inappropriate level of anxiety. Doctors pigeon-hole their patients by naming their conditions and, because there is no pigeon-hole for anxiety as such, they label their patients as 'mentally ill', 'neurotic' or as 'hypochondriacs' - They are wrong!

Mental illness is very specific and can't be treated through behavioral treatments alone - they require medicinal treatments also. Anxiety disorder does not require any medicinal intervention, which is why psychologists have been treating anxiety disorders with psychotherapy for decades; it just falls short of providing a complete solution.

So, if anxiety disorder isn't a mental illness, what can be done to correct it?

The Linden Method addresses that issue directly, tackling the problem at the root cause, in the exact place where the anxious decisions are made. This is done without medicine, without medical treatment and without long-winded therapy programs. The Linden Method is so simple to understand and implement and has already treated tens of thousands of people in the last 2 years alone (this is when we introduced the latest version of the Linden Method.)

In January, Sarah Coates, my friend and in-house psychologist, left her job as a psychologist after working with me to cure her anxiety disorder completely after just a few weeks. She too had been categorized as having a mental illness and was sure that it was wrong.

She became disillusioned with what the psychology profession could achieve with anxious patients and since joining me in her quest to help people become well again, has now realized just how misguided psychology really is.

Sarah's quest to find a way of helping people has been realized, she now helps people become well again and gets so much from receiving the emails of gratitude from our clients.


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