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Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks

It can be done, I promise!

Overcoming panic attacks and anxiety is easy... or should I phrase that as, "overcoming the CAUSE of panic attacks anxiety in order to STOP them, is easy!"

There are some very useful 'first aid' tips to use whilst building up to, or in the throws of, a panic attack or anxiety but actually overcoming the CAUSE of panic attacks and anxiety is a separate issue, BUT very simple to implement if you know how.

Panic attacks are caused by an internal 'switch' in the part of the mind which controls sub-conscious actions like breathing, circulation and digestion; this area is called the autonomic nervous system. The switch is called the Amygdala, as mall organ in the center of the brain responsible for making decision regarding, amongst other things, anxiety.

During anxiety and panic disorder, this switch gets 'stuck' in the on position and it is this which needs to be 'turned off' to enable sufferers to be successful in completely overcoming panic attacks and their panic / anxiety disorder.

Overcoming panic attacks and anxiety can be achieved quickly and permanently, you just need to know how to do it. Tens of thousands of people have worked with us over the last 3 years and have all been successful at totally overcoming their anxiety and panic attacks.

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