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Who is Charles Linden?

Director of Linden Tree Education Limited - Anxiety Recovery Retreats Limited - Charles Linden Media Limited


"Charles Linden... the
Allen Carr of anxiety."

The Times

"Charles Linden is the world's most influential authority on anxiety."

Hay House Publishing

"The Linden Method and
Charles Linden saved my life"

The Telegraph

worlds leading anxiety expert  

"I'm just an ex sufferer who found the answer, wrote it down, gave it away free and then developed hundreds of tools to help my growing number of clients to be free from anxiety disorders as quickly and permanently as possible." Charles Linden

Charles Linden is widely regarded as the world's leading anxiety recovery expert.

For over 19 years, Charles has been providing anxiety recovery guidance and resources to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, with foreign language versions of all his materials in Spanish, German, Danish and French.

Charles is an advisor to government, corporate clients and individuals, from everyday people to politicians, sports people, Hollywood stars, actors and aristocrats.

Charles' Harley Street practice and his international clients across Europe and the USA means that he spends much of his life traveling between London and Los Angeles... but he still finds the time to be in constant contact with clients through his online media including his bi-monthly, live, client webinars.

Charles is regularly seen 'back stage' on TV and stage productions, coaching stress and anxiety elimination to actors and musicians.

Hay House Publishing publishes a number of Charles' titles including his TV series and he is a regular contributor to Hay House Radio and the Hay House World Summit.

Charles is often seen on TV and radio programs such as Gok's Teens and national radio shows around the world.

Charles is a friend to all sufferers as an ex sufferer, as an anxiety recovery expert and as a spokesperson for all sufferers wherever he is needed. Charles speaks out about the mis-prescription of medication and inappropriate psychotherapy in the treatment of high anxiety conditions.

Charles is now working closely with a number of high profile clients providing solutions to the long term unemployed and service personnel suffering from high anxiety conditions and PTSD.

"Personally, I couldn't give a damn what people think of me...

ALL I care about is getting what I know to every anxiety disorder sufferer as fast as I possibly can so that they don't have to tolerate any more of the vile fear, symptoms and thoughts that ruined over 26 years of my life. I live to do what I do, I love what I do... if you don't like my face, lack of hair, attitude, voice or demeanour... just tolerate it till I've cured you and then forget who I am!" Charles Linden


Charles' TV series 'Stress Free in 30 Days' - Kane TV - Hay House Publishing 2013

worlds leading anxiety expert   worlds leading anxiety expert   worlds leading anxiety expert   worlds leading anxiety expert

Charles Linden & Hay House

Charles Linden is one of the Hay House family of authors alongside Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue and other great names in Self Help. Charles is a regular contributor to Hay House Radio and The World Health Summit.


Charles Linden & Gok Wan

Charles regularly appears on international TV and is a consultant to media companies. Charles worked with Gok Wan on his TV series and regularly advises on stress and anxiety management back stage on soaps and other productions.


Charles with Ricki Lake

Charles' clients are situated around the world but when Charles visits his publisher in San Diego he meets up with his West Coast clients and they sometimes have interesting friends.


Lady jemma Wellesley & Charles

Jemma Kidd, also known as the future Duchess of Wellington, is good friends with Charles and his family in addition to being a great friend to The Linden Method. Jemma is a director of Linden Recovery.


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The Linden Method has helped over 170,000 people of all ages. View our success stories here.


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Jemma Kidd and her sister Jodie used The Linden Method to become anxiety disorder free. Read about their journey here.

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Linden Recovery have a 4 year contract with A4e funded by the department of work and pensions

  charles linden is worlds leading anxiety expert     charles linden is worlds leading anxiety expert

Anxiety Recovery Webinars

Charles runs online 'Fast Track to Recovery' interactive webinars visited by anxious people from around the world. Clients have the opportunity to benefit directly from Charles' experience from the comfort of their own homes. Learn more


Read newspaper articles >

Charles is featured in national newspapers and magazines such as The Times, Vogue, Grazia, The Daily Express and international newspapers from around the world.


Residential Programmes >

Our residential Anxiety Recovery Retreat and Workshop programmes have been visited by over 1000 people from around the world with life changing results. Our Retreats, Workshop and corporate programmes help people from all around the world.


Stress Free TV Series >

Charles' TV series has been repeated hundreds of times across many channels in the Uk and abroad and Hay House have reformatted and republished it as a DVD set available on Amazon and their own websites.

A message from our qualified team of anxiety disorder recovery coaches

"Your recovery is our focus and can be fast and permanent if you follow some simple principles.

We aren't an online business, we are a team of mental health professionals headed up by Charles Linden and his wife, Beth, who runs our Residential and Workshop programs.

The support team have all worked in general and mental health for many years but the recoveries we create now are wonderful when compared to the continued suffering we experienced amongst patients we saw in our previous roles. We are very proud of the program we use to bring real change to people's lives and have an undying belief that we offer the world's only true anxiety recovery program.

The referrals we receive from doctors, psychologists and clinics from around the world are testament to the wonderful work we do."

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