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Child Anxiety

How Does Child Anxiety Disorder Present Itself?

Child anxiety disorder is usually called 'separation anxiety' and often manifests itself in what is known as
school phobia. Separation Anxiety is a fear of leaving the safety of their parents or home.

Child anxiety carries with it the same symptoms as adult anxiety but a child doesn't have the experience or intellectual capacity to make sense of the symptoms. Child anxiety can present itself in many ways including classic features of anxiety disorders but primarily avoidance of potentially threatening situations, especially school visits, holidays and social events.

What Causes Child Anxiety?

At the age of about 13, I went through a period of what my doctor called 'school phobia'. I became irrationally anxious, depressed and scared. I would regularly seek the assistance of the school nurse, call my mother to collect me and sit alone somewhere hiding.

Feeling that way at such a young age is dreadful, it is not only scary but confusing too, the psyche of a child is very superficial until this age and the sudden realization that life is not all about play and fun and in fact quite daunting, challenging and delicate, comes as quite a shock to a child. Children discover their mortality a varying ages but this realization too, can cause immense distress if not handled correctly by parents or guardians.

The catalyst for the child anxiety is unimportant, what is important, however, is that the anxiety is dealt with correctly and directly.

How Common is Child Anxiety?

Probably more common than you would think and it's escalating! More and more children come to us for help, both directly and through their parents. Child anxiety is very common indeed, but also very successfully treated. About 1 - 2% of children suffer from child anxiety before they reach adolescence.

Will My Child's Anxiety Continue into Adulthood?

My research has shown that this does not happen as long as the anxiety is 'nipped in the bud' before a strong pattern of behavior is adopted by the child. Child anxiety is usually based on the insecurities of childhood and as the child matures, the anxiety is eliminated.

Can Children With Child Anxiety Disorder Be Cured?

It is obviously extremely important that childhood anxiety is dealt with as early as possible. For this reason The Linden Method has a whole chapter dedicated to Child Anxiety which shows parents how to implicate the method with their children.

The Linden Method works on the root cause of anxiety disorders and has been proven to quickly and permanently cure them, therefore, it is a perfect technique for the elimination of child anxiety. It has been used with equal success by children and adults alike. I have children of 4 and seniors of 86 using the method. It is important, of course, that a child is guided through the method by an adult.

The solution is easy to understand, fast and permanent at eliminating the anxiety disorder which drives child anxiety.

Linden Method Junior Edition  

Is The Linden Method suitable for children?

While we have experienced significant success with children using the Linden Method, we have recently developed The Linden Method Junior Edition which offers additional support materials to assist you and your child in their recovery.




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