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Citalopram Panic Attacks

Citalopram panic attacks medication – The truth

DID YOU KNOW – One of the most common side effects of Citalopram is anxiety and panic attacks???

Do you:
  • Take Citalopram for anxiety or panic attacks
  • Experience panic attacks despite taking Citalopram
  • Experience anxiety, insomnia or restlesness
  • Suffer from stress symptoms or confused thoughts

If you answer yes to any of the above, your anxiety and panic attacks require appropriate, targeted treatment without Citalopram or any other panic attacks medication.

Citalopram panic attacks medication was developed to treat disorders related to low levels of Seratonin, which causes depression, however, doctors also prescribe Citalopram for panic attacks due to its soporific properties. (Soporific means sedative).

Yes, you read that correctly… Citalopram commonly prescribed FOR panic attacks can CAUSE panic attacks!!!

Citalopram is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI and it works by stopping the re-absorption of Serotonin, the ‘feel good’ hormone which is depleted in depressive illnesses and by doing so, causes the brain to send out ‘happy signals’ to the rest of the body and brain.

The hormones in our bodies are what give us the experience of emotion and they are regulated by our life experiences, which feed back to the brain from our senses – so when we see something happy we laugh because hormones are released which give us the emotional response of happiness.

Serotonin levels in the brain are not depleted in anxiety conditions so using it in medicinal form to treat panic attacks is not an effective solution. Citalopram can be effective in the treatment of true depressive illness but panic attacks are in no way related to depression and therefore are unaffected by altering Serotonin levels.

Citalopram panic attacks and serotonin are medically unrelated and treatment using Citalopram or any other SSRI medication will, at best, provide a sedative affect but not a cure.

So, what is the cure for panic attacks if Citalopram panic attacks medication doesn’t work?

Effective panic attack recovery MUST come from feeding the brain with ‘safety signals’ from the senses which FORCE the anxiety control centre to turn down anxiety levels.

Panic attacks recovery should happen in seconds. The control centre that causes panic attacks to happen has the ability to deactivate in the blink of an eye but, in anxiety disorders, the anxiety ‘off switch’ gets stuck ON.

When a REAL threat is present, the anxiety response activates and deactivates in seconds, however, for those of us who are predisposed to developing a high anxiety condition, anxiety gets stuck on as the subconscious mind controls anxiety levels through the development of ‘false fear’.

No medication can cure an anxiety disorder but there is an anxiety and panic attacks cure that has been proven to completely eliminate panic attacks for over 13 years – a solution that has helped in excess of 148,000 people.

Become panic attacks free using your own anxiety and panic attacks elimination system – We will guide you to total panic attacks elimination – all you have to do is follow some very simple rules for a very short time.

Most of our clients eliminate their panic attacks in days because this process is the only process the body can follow to become cured of panic attacks – Citalopram is NOT a cure for panic attacks – don’t waste any more time.

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