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Depression and Anxiety

Historically, anxiety and depression have been strongly linked. But are they related? That depends on the answer to one question!

The question is: What came first, the anxiety or the depression? I don't mean the diagnosis by a doctor, but the actual anxiety or depression symptoms.

If your answer is that depression came before the anxiety, then chances are that you are suffering from true clinical depression. If you answer that your anxiety came before the depression, chances are you have anxiety-related depression and that's a completely different and very treatable condition. Anxiety causes mood changes which mimic true depression!

There is a big difference between anxiety caused by depression and depression caused by anxiety. Clinical depression is a chemical mood disorder that requires drug treatments. Stress, phobias and anxiety can cause 'depression like' symptoms but rarely true clinical depression.

If you have depression and anxiety is a symptom of that depression, we can help you to undermine that anxiety, in turn allowing you to tackle the issues which caused you to experience depression in the first place.

If you have anxiety which has created depression and changed your mood we can show you the solution by removing your unwanted anxiety completely, allowing the depression to lift.

Most of our anxiety sufferers (about 80%) experience feelings of depression, of course they feel depressed, anxiety is miserable, I KNOW, I have been there!

Anxiety, stress and phobias can cause massive shifts in a sufferer's mood but we can untangle that knot and return the sufferer to a full and active life.

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