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Immediate access to recovery guidance & 'quick fix' anxiety,

phobia, obsession and panic attack busting tools & support

It's so, so simple... kids of 7 do it without knowing they are!

The Linden Method can be learned in one hour!

It works by resetting your emotional responses.

It removes unwanted fear at its source.

It's simple, fast and produces real recovery.

It switches off phobias, obsessions and compulsions.

It turns off anxiety in the same way that eating turns of hunger.

The Linden Method is the only accredited, dedicated anxiety
disorder recovery therapy - 100% success rate



The Linden Method is nothing like what you have tried before



Life Changing

Imagine how it would be if a neurologist told you that you have the ability to quickly instruct your brain to 'switch off' anxiety and to rebalance your mental and physical 'self' completely, in hours.

Well, you have that ability - it's just that no one has taught it to you... YET

We teach you THE scientific way to literally 'switch off' the anxiety you experience and to ensure that it never returns. It's so simple, so logical and such a massive relief.


Understand this

We teach you to switch off the ANXIETY portion of what you experience - returning you to NORMAL fear responses.

The human body 'listens and responds' to what you do... you know this because it's what it's been doing since the day you were born; it's how you became who you are today.


It's so simple

By sending the correct information to your subconscious mind, it will respond accordingly. This is exactly what we will teach you in the next few minutes.


It can't fail

Imagine eating 10 large burgers and still feeling hungry... impossible isn't it.

Well The Linden Method works in the same way... by doing as instructed, your brain switches off anxiety.... just in the same way that eating burgers turns off hunger signals.

Your mind has been waiting for certain 'off' signals since you first experienced anxiety... we show you how to quickly send those signals. It couldn't be more simple. How effective is it? 100%

Linden Method GuaranteeCan The Linden Method be used by Children?

Our Junior Version was developed for young people aged 7 to 15 years to use with parental/supervised guidance when required. Children under 7 years can also use the program under adult supervision. The Junior Version contains everything the adult version contains plus some extra material and CDs for children to use alone. This version comes with support for both parent and child by our Linden Anxiety Recovery Practitioners.

Click here for more information or simply choose the Junior Version option during the order process.

Money back guarantee if you aren't happy!

Life Changing Programs for People of All Ages

Linden Tree Education is an NCFE accredited educational establishment and a member of the BACP and AC. We provide home-learning and residential programs to clients all over the world.


If you're not feeling much better within a few days... you are doing something wrong and we will guide you to do it correctly!

"I absolutely GUARANTEE that when you start the Method, you will feel relieved and reassured and know that your journey with anxiety is finally ending." Charles


Recovery or Your Money Back Guarantee




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