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Panic Attacks While Sleeping

One of the most common panic attack types

Do you:
  • Wake up with a racing heart
  • Wake up feeling short of breath
  • Wake up shaking or sweating
  • Wake feeling like you are about to die
  • Suffer with anxiety at other times
  • Find it difficult to get to or stay asleep

If you answer yes to any of the above, the likelihood is that you are suffering from panic attacks while sleeping. Panic attacks while sleeping happen because your subconscious, that controls the anxiety response, NEVER sleeps. Just like your circulation, respiration and digestion, the emotions never switch off and thoughts, dreams and physical sensations, which are experienced during sleep, can give rise to elevated anxiety and adrenalin levels and therefore also panic attacks while sleeping.

Why do panic attacks while sleeping happen?

When anxiety builds during sleep, sufferers can be woken by sudden and intense symptoms such as those mentioned above. Panic attacks while sleeping happen when anxiety levels reach a peak at which the mind activates physical responses that uses up the excess adrenalin in your blood stream. Like a pressure cooker releasing pressure, the body releases the adrenalin in the blood stream that would otherwise be used up by fighting or fleeing from a REAL threat.

People who suffer from panic attacks while sleeping will also experience anxiety and maybe, also, panic attacks at other times but when conscious, the sufferer is aware of the build up and may take measures to prevent the panic attack from developing – if they know the correct technique for doing so.

Of course, a panic attack while sleeping builds whilst the sufferer is unconscious, so preventative measures are limited… however, there are ways of preventing and eliminating panic attacks while sleeping.

What can be done to stop panic attacks while sleeping?

Many healthcare practitioners will tell sufferers that panic attacks and high anxiety cannot be cured, which is simply untrue. If a practitioner tells you that you will have to learn to cope, don’t listen; this is probably an attempt to avoid admitting that they don’t have a clue what to do for you.

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