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Didaskaleinophobia (School Phobia) is more common than you would think - and it's also very curable


If you are a parent of a child with anxiety, please read my message


Is you child like this?

I was a child with Didaskaleinophobia - the first 27 years of my life were ruined by high anxiety and school phobia, so this is a subject VERY close to my heart.

Children don't deserve this discomfort, this fear and sadness... trust me I KNOW. I used sit on mum's bed and cry, all night sometimes. I'd be considering life, death, the isolation I felt... I remember it well.

I thought I'd die, my family would die or similar thoughts and I was scared of leaving home in case they did! Does your child get headaches, stomach upsets, tension, insomnia? At school, I would run out of the classroom and hide somewhere in the school, run to the school nurse or use the payphone to beg mum to collect me... I can't tell you how horrendous it was... I still remember it now.

I told mum that I wanted to die on the way to school one day and ONLY THEN did she listen to me and take me to the doctor... I took meds but they didn't help and I suffered for another 16 years. I know what you are going through and how desperately you wnat to help your child.

I developed the Junior Version of my program, which includes extra recordings of me for your child to listen to, specifically because I KNOW how kids feel and I passionately want to STOP it for them.

I personally helped 11 children in MY children's school alone in 2012... there are 140 kids in that school! Imagine how big the worldwide problem is! It terrifies me to think of the numbers. The sme year, I helped over 1200 children worldwide.

LOOK - My name is Charles Linden - because I want to help you, email me directly at cl@panic-anxiety.com if you'd like to be reassured before you get my program for your child.

Charles Linden

A child's fear of attending school







What are the symptoms of School Phobia?

School Phobia (Didaskaleinophobia) is itself a symptom of anxiety disorder in childhood. It is also known as separation anxiety, which is an inappropriate fear of leaving their parents, a person or place of trust or home for example.

Most children find going to school exciting and enjoyable although of course nearly all children have times when they don't want to go. This happens commonly at ages where children are faced with tougher school activities or exams or may have fallen out with friends. All of this is a normal part of growing up.

Children who develop school phobia, however, become terrified, trying every avoidance tactic in order to stay away from school. Parents should be aware if their child regularly say that they are too sick to go to school, they could be doing so in order to avoid anxious feelings.

School phobia can present itself in a number of ways:

This period of a child's life is not only disturbing and scary for the child but also frustrating and worrying for the child's parents.

What Causes School Phobia?

anxiety disorders in children

School phobia develops in much the same way as an adult anxiety disorder. It is always difficult for a child to break away from home after an extended period of being at home, such as the school holidays or time off sick.

Factors such as moving to a new area, a divorce or a bereavement can cause immense stress to a child and set off disturbed, anxious behavior that can escalate into school phobia.

Additionally the child's family often unintentionally reinforces school phobic symptoms. When a family undergoes a major stress such as moving house or a bereavement it is common for a child to express mild refusal to leave the primary caregiver (who may also be anxious, distressed, depressed.)

This can escalate if the child is not firmly encouraged to leave the caregiver; in fact, they are often inadvertently rewarded with extra attention from their parents. The child's anxiety about leaving is reinforced and the child doesn't have the opportunity to develop ways to cope with the separation.

At the age of about 13, I went through a period of what my doctor called 'school phobia'. I became irrationally anxious, depressed and scared. I would regularly seek the assistance of the school nurse, call my mother to collect me and sit alone somewhere, hiding.

Feeling that way at such a young age is dreadful, it is not only scary but confusing too The psyche of a child is very superficial until this age and the sudden realization that life is not all about play and fun and in fact quite daunting, challenging and delicate, comes as quite a shock to a child.

Children discover their mortality a varying ages but this realization too, can cause a child immense distress if not handled correctly by parents or guardians.

How Common is School Phobia?

A study in the US by Burke et al showed that 1.3% of teenagers aged 14-16 years and between 4.1 and 4.7% of children aged 7-11 years suffer from school phobia and that 5% of school-aged children are identified as 'school refusers.' A later study showed that Internationally there is a 2.4% overall prevalence rate.

The average age for onset of school phobia is 7.5 years and for school phobia age 10.3 years.

Will My Child's School Phobia continue into Adulthood?

The extended implications of school phobia can be far reaching. In the very long term, it can lead to anxiety and panic disorders in adulthood, as in my case, although there is little evidence that these children are more susceptible to serious mental illness.

Studies which have followed children who were successfully treated for school phobia and returned to school have shown that some of them have long term impairment to their social skills and functioning, not to mention the detrimental effects to their education of being absent from school for prolonged periods.

All of the research suggests that much more effective treatment is required for school phobia to prevent problems in later life.

Can Children With School Phobia Be Cured?

It is obviously extremely important that school phobia is dealt with as early as possible. For this reason The Linden Method has a whole chapter dedicated to Child Anxiety which shows parents how to implement the method with their children.

The Method works on the root cause of anxiety disorders and has been proven to quickly and permanently cure school phobia. It has been used with equal success by children and adults alike.

There are no other programs of recovery for anxiety sufferers that resemble this method but past participants in The Linden Method consider it to be THE conclusive treatment for anxiety disorders such as: Panic disorder, Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.



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