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The dictionary definition of monophobia is:

"An abnormal fear of being alone"

Whilst this is a correct definition, it just doesn't feel that simple to sufferers. Monophobia sufferers not only fear being alone, they can also fear the thought of being alone or being away from a place or person which provides a feeling of safety. Monophobia is caused by an underlying anxiety disorder and the sufferer can experience high anxiety and panic attacks also.

Monophobia can be very disturbing. Monophobia causes the sufferer to greatly restrict their lifestyle and that of their relatives, friends or carers. It is very important for monophobia sufferers to realize that they do not have to live such restricted lives and that the anxiety they experience can be eliminated quickly and permanently, regardless of what they may have heard from doctors or psychologists.

Monophobia is a symptom of an anxiety disorder and as such, can be very quickly eliminated.

Many tens of thousands of people that we have treated have had varying degrees of monophobia during their anxiety disorders but what is true of every single person is that when we have helped them to eliminate their anxiety, their monophobia slips away.

I too had severe monophobia, crippling panic whenever I was left alone. It was damaging and frustrating, not to mention very frightening indeed.

Let me show you how we can help you to destroy the anxiety and panic that controls your life and how to eliminate the monophobia that controls your every move.

I did it and so can you, that's a promise.


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