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Somniphobia (fear of sleeping or going to bed)


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Do you fear going to bed or sleeping?

Do you get anxious before bedtime?

Do you have night time panic attacks or increased anxiety?

This is very common indeed!

In fact, more than 80% of my clients report exactly the same fears about going to bed, sleeping, the anxiety, night time panic attacks and the sensations and thoughts associated with this fear.

Somniphobia as it is officially called is a symptom of an anxiety disorder. My clients very often report being frightened of not being conscious of the world around them during sleep, fearing that they might not wake up if something bad happens, if at all!

Many clients have feared having night time panic attacks, most anxiety disorder sufferers do experience these during their disorder.

Anxiety fuels this fear, inappropriate anxiety fuels all phobias. But what can be done to stop you from fearing sleep, to stop the night time anxiety and to allow you to sleep soundly and not fear bedtime?

By reducing the benchmark anxiety level in your brain, which has become reset during anxiety disorders to a much higher 'baseline' level, you can eliminate all of the inappropriate anxiety, the symptoms of that anxiety and the fears accompanying those symptoms; including your fear of going to sleep.

Find out what The Linden Method is all about. If you have inappropriate anxiety about anything, no matter how mild or how acute, it will show you the way forward.

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