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A touching and wonderful letter from Jeff Naples - Retreat client - Sept 2010

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Why do people travel from Australia, Canada, the USA, Saudi Arabia and Russia to Europe to spend 4 days with Charles Linden and his team?

Because, it's the Most Wonderful Environment for Recovery

Read and watch their wonderful comments below


"My Anxiety Recovery Retreats are located at The Elms Retreat & Spa in Worcestershire UK, where hundreds of people from all around the World and as far away as Florida, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Russia, have come to be emersed in our Linden Method anxiety recovery program; the EXACT SAME program you receive when you join The Linden Method BUT at the Retreats, you LIVE IT.

Our Retreat visitors choose to come to the retreat instead of doing the 'Home Study program', but the curative success and results are the same, whichever way you choose to do it.

The Linden Method works, that is 100% and I just wish that every anxiety sufferer would just try it... that's all I ask.

I have spent years perfecting this technique to make it as simple and effective as possible and it frustrates me that people still prefer to try talking therapies and pills, hypnosis and NLP, that simply don't work. Try this first folks... if it doesn't work, what have you lost?"

Charles Linden
Developer of The Linden Method
Linden Anxiety Recovery

The Elms Spa  Retreat Clients at the Elms

The beautiful and historic Elms Spa, set within the most picturesque grounds,
overlooking the Teme Valley in rural Worcestershire (left) and a group of retreat clients (right)

"The Linden Method cured me. I can't believe that after 25 years, I am now completely anxiety free; how much time I have wasted. Your workshops are incredible, so powerful and simple. I have recommended it to loads of people." Carol S. Edinburgh

"I would like to thank Charles and Beth for giving me my life back. The Anxiety Recovery Retreat offers the perfect opportunity to make a 100% full recovery." Carlo Di Rienzo, Torronto, Canada

"The Linden Method works and it is easy to see why. The people I was with at the retreat arrived shaking, panicking and crying, in some cases, but on the last day, all I saw was laughter and joy. Charles, you are a godsend." P. Birch. California. USA

What is our anxiety retreat?

  • A guided, supportive and reassuring program of anxiety recovery
  • A break for both you and your partner/family if you wish
  • Structured, proven anxiety elimination sessions
  • Constant attendance by Charles Linden to answer all your questions
  • Constant attendance by Psychologist and head of Linden Method support, Jenny Brookes
  • Trained, qualified staff to guide and reassure you throughout
  • The most amazing venue and curative program structure
  • The only residential anxiety elimination program for you to attend alone or with family
  • The only program of recovery which addresses the cause of your anxiety, re-setting it permanently with a 100% success rate amongst complying clients
  • Advice sessions for your partner if required


Charles Linden

"The Retreat walks you through a proven, supportive and permanent program of recovery. I know that given access to sufferers in this way, we can produce dramatic results within the 3 days. I have personally cured people within a day so the 3 day format is perfect for producing the results sufferers need... I was a sufferer once, trust me, I know this would have been heaven sent for me back then."
Charles Linden

During our supportive, reassuring and curative three day anxiety retreat program, you will learn how to turn back the clock, returning to your 'birth pre-set' anxiety level, erasing all the symptoms and thoughts which might currently dominate your life.

Charles Linden and his team will personally walk you through the recovery process, all you have to do is listen and implement the simple steps that will lead to a total reversal of your anxiety condition... restoring your 'birth pre-set' anxiety level.

You will be guided and supported by the world's most qualified and experienced anxiety who have helped tens of thousands of sufferers, just like you, to make a full and permanent recovery.


Most recent comments by Linden Method Retreat Clients

September clients


My emotions are overflowing as I attempt to put into words what can only be experienced... when you love someone with all your heart and all your soul, it is the most difficult thing in the world to watch your loved one suffer through the unbearable anguis of anxiety. You would give anything to stop the pain. I can, without an ounce of hesitation, say that the Charles Linden Recovery Retreat has become the answer to our prayers! To witness the absolutely beautiful metamorphisis of enlightenment that has occured is nothing short of miraculous! Our lives hae forever been touched by the most extraordinary professionals (Beth, Charles, Jenny and ´the unforgettable Gareth´´). They are the most caring, loving and genuine people you will ever want to meet and have renewed our faith in humanity. It is impossible to adequately express the amount of gratitiude I feel for this life changing opportunity. After trying endless methods, I am now convinced that this is the ONLY answer to complete recovery!!!!
Donna Naples, USA, wife to Jeff Naples

I´ve searched for the answer for over 30 years and this Method is the only answer to curing anxiety. Attending the Retreat was the icing on the cake!!

Jeffrey P. Naples, USA

To Beth, Charles and everyone at the Linden Retreat. Many thanks for sharing your experiences with us, the partners of anxiety sufferers. This Retreat has been a fantastic opportunity to share our experiences with people from several countries. It has been very beneficial to me and will enable me to provide support to my wife in her battle to live a normal life. She has lived with anxiety for many years and will go on to make a full recovery, I believe. Thank you to all concerned.
John McGee, (husband to Michelle) Swansea

A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. I have gained the new materials to have a good happy life without anxiety.
Susan Moore, UK

The Retreat was excellent. Speakers were gifted, knowledgeable and understanding. I left feeling positive for the first time in years - I CAN DO IT. These people have stood in my shoes and therefore really know their stuff. The Retreat was the first time in a long time I felt releaced and left feeling - "bring it on!". Best money I have EVER spent. Can´t recommend it enough!

Michelle, Swansea

A very big thank you for all the support and guidance - you´ve given me the life skills that I have never really learnt before.

C.B. Leicester

I would recommend this Retreat to any sufferer above ANY alternative. The support my sister has received here has been overwhelming. The team are exceptional people who have all the time in the world to support and help the sufferers. 5-star quality. I shall always be grateful to Gareth for his chats, Beth for her support and Charles for having established a top rated Retreat. My heart goes out to you all.
Frederick (brother to Madeleine de Vries)


Charles: Thank you so much, your case provides so much hope.
Jenny: What a wonderful teacher and what a great sense of humour.
Beth: You are really unique, absolutely wonderful and adorable.
Gareth: Eres un pedazo de tio, "cabron".

Madeleine De Vries, Madrid, Spain

A mum´s testimonial... Before going to The Retreat I was asked who recommended it and I had to say that I knew nothing about it. However, from the first session it was evident we were in safe hands on a professioinal and social level. The first session ´What is Anxiety´was brilliant as it answered so many questions and helped give us confidence and hope. Nothing was too much trouble and the level of real care for the client was really very good. I must say Gareth did a brililant job, he must be exhausted!!
Anna, mum to Alex

Watch Our Video Tour of The Anxiety Recovery Retreat

presented by Charles Linden

The Retreat Venue

The Venue couldn't be more conducive to recovery than the beautiful and historic Elms Spa, set within the most picturesque grounds, overlooking the Teme Valley in rural Worcestershire.

Following the 2008 opening of the magnificent Aquae Sulis Spa, Pear Terrace Brasserie and outdoor cookery demonstration area, The Elms really is the ideal luxury family retreat and is, without doubt, the most wonderful family spa hotel in Worcestershire.

The Elms has a wonderful relaxed house atmosphere and is renowned for its fantastic food, winning Worcestershire Life’s Restaurant of the Year in 2007.

Our anxiety elimination retreat is based on the most successful, supportive and scientifically endorsed program of recovery in the world, The Linden Method.

The Linden Method is the only psychologist and medically endorsed program of recovery to use this ground-breaking technique, which has been used for over 12 years to help well over 172,000 sufferers from around the world to recover.

The success rate of this technique is undeniable and far beyond the published cure rates of medication, hypnosis and talking therapies such as NLP and CBT.

With the experience and curative success of treating over 172,000 anxiety sufferers, our aim is for you to leave our retreat with a new found sense of calm and fulfillment... anxiety free.


A touching and wonderful letter from Jeff Naples - Retreat client - Sept 2010

Dear Charles & Beth,

I always wanted to believe that life was understandable, that life was fair and that somehow things made sense.   

I use to believe that if I planned out my life, tried hard enough, worked hard enough and treated people the way I wanted to be treated, we and those we love would be safe from anything bad.  I know I wrestled with the fact that life is not always fair.  I often wondered why bad things happened to good people.  Even though I did not always have the answers, I always held onto the fact that at least we had each other.

Somehow my anxiety clouded up my vision for such a long time (30 years).  My once positive thoughts were taken over by negative ones.  Life didn't make any sense.  I would go through some good times, but most of the times were doom and gloom.  On the outside my life looked all "peaches and cream", but no one knew the fear I felt inside.  My once stable life turned into the "roller coaster from hell". 

Jenny summed it up quite nicely in a couple of words "Your world becomes very small when you suffer with anxiety".  I must also add that your family's world becomes smaller too.  I always could handle my life being this way.  But, boy oh boy, how I struggled with the thought of Donna, Samantha and Tristan not being able to enjoy all life has to offer because of me.  And I know from my short consultation with Charles that his family is everything to him.  So I am sure he can certainly relate to where I am coming from.  My father has a saying I heard many times.  "You can do whatever you want to me and get away with it, but don't ever mistreat my wife or kids or you are going to get it with both barrels."

Needless to say that for many years I was not the same person on the inside as I "acted" on the outside.  I was just like a robot going through the motions.  My anxiety had consumed my entire life and was starting to consume my family too.  Consequently, I looked everywhere for the answer.  It was actually not until I looked at my faith that I realized that I was being pulled in this direction.  It was just a simple kind of faith, one that somehow, someway, this suffering would end, good would be rewarded, love would endure, pain would be forgotten, light would shatter darkness and my spirit would go on.

I firmly believe that my prayers were answered with my spirit being drawn to the both of you. 

I wish I had a new, more eloquent way to say "thank you", a way that would truly express how very much your kindness has meant to me.  You both possess a special gift in the way you touch lives, of making days much brighter, hearts finding joy and problems diminishing.  You helped to bring my spirit back to life!  You both are a wonderful gift to me, and my life is so much better because I know you.

Charles, during our chat you mentioned that if you had to do it all over again, you would have pursued becoming a doctor.  While most doctors specialize in medicine, in my opinion I believe that you specialize in healing.  Before even asking, you already understand your client's problems and needs.  It is very apparent that you help others because you genuinely want to help.  You find joy through your kindness and, in turn, your priority is to help others find their own happiness once again.  You make this world a better place by practicing the art of reaching out to others and by giving from the heart.  Your impact is just as valuable, if not more valuable than any doctor!  May the happiness you bring to others come back to you twofold because you deserve that and so much more.

Beth, it is rare that someone comes along who just naturally makes everyone feel a little happier and a little more alive.  Without having to even say a word, your cheerful presence is more than enough.  Your unique quality is that of being so genuine, so real.  You have had that kind of impact on me.

You have both given me a new perspective on a whole lot of things - including myself.  There are things you have said to me that I will always remember and the ways that you have helped me will remain unforgettable.  Although we were only together a short time, the experience that I had has left me only looking forward to the next time.

Many, many thanks for being the wonderful people that you are.  You are both such an inspiration to me that I can't tell you enough how very happy and grateful I am that you have come into my life.

God Bless,

Jeff Naples



More reviews by some of our Retreat clients

"Life for the past 15 years has been like walking on a beach covered with quicksand… just as you feel someone is giving you a hand to pull you out of your misery, they let you go and you are back, fighting for your life. At the lowest point we found Charles. The hand he held out was strong and sure and he has ‘pulled us out of the quicksand’ He showed us the right path to take and the steps to avoid sinking back into the quicksand. Thank you so much Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth." Mary Campbell, Loved one to Tom (Retreat Client)

"As a “carer”/partner my hope and desire for a solution to the “problem” is as strong as it is for the sufferer. Whilst it is early days, I leave the Retreat believing this is the beginning of the end. I’m sure I speak for my wife, the sufferer, in saying that we cannot thank Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth enough. They will be in our hearts forever." David Giles, Devon

"I was looking forward with apprehension going to the Retreat and wondering could it really work???? Now I feel confident to put what I have learned into practice and look forward to an anxiety free life! Wonderful staff and other clients became like a wonderful family. Sorry to leave ;(" Eva Giles, Devon

"From the moment we arrived at the venue we were approached by Gareth and he made us feel welcome and put us at ease. The Retreat is very well structured. It takes effort but is very rewarding. There are no miracles but this is a very positive experience. All of the team were very helpful with somebody available at all times to turn to day or night. Nobody here will do it for you but you are given the wisdom, insight and tools to make a full recovery. I am very hopeful for my partner." Fred Spire, Ireland



"I had just about given up. I’d spent thousands on different therapies over the last 12 years and all in vain. My only regret is that I wished this Retreat was around when I became ill 12 years ago! Still, I am thankful that I found this retreat. I loved meeting Charles .. he is my saviour. He has guided me out of my illness, through kindness, understanding and best of all experience. The knowledge about anxiety disorders that Charles has gleened through his own experience, research and from helping so many sufferers is self evident. He is a very articulate and intelligent man and is an inspiration to me. Jenny’s sessions are non-patronising, highly informative and fun… I wasn’t expecting to laugh but I did many times (especially at Gareth’s jokes!!!) and I have met some lovely people who I know will be lifelong friends. I cannot recommend this Retreat enough. If you are ready to get your life back then I urge you to get along to the Elms." Jane Deakin (38), Scotland

"For the first time I could see my way through to becoming anxiety free – a great relief." Elizabeth

"I cannot recommend this retreat enough. To know that your loved one is being guided towards recovery by such wonderful people who actually care, well, there just aren’t words to describe this. It is also very comforting to be with other people that know exactly how you feel. This retreat is a must for anyone who suffers from anxiety because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth will show you the way." J. Spoore, Midlands

"If you have been looking for a cure to your thoughts and habits then you have arrived at the only method that works." Mr D. Spoore, Midlands

"Feelings of apprehension, terror and hopelessness experienced prior to attending will be replaced by calm and a confidence that will last for the duration of the Retreat. You will feel much relief and start looking at your life more positively." Joseph, Dublin

"Very helpful people with a desire and passion to support and nurture. Meeting other people with similar problems was very comforting too. Many thanks." Neil, Essex

"This is the method you wish your doctor knew about, it's simple and effective and really works fast. The team at the retreat are professional yet friendly and having shown thousands of people how to recover from anxiety, they really do understand what you are going through." Ali Dixon. Oxon

"The ideal environment to set you on the path to recovery to give you the confidence that full recovery can be achieved." Shane Gannon. Ireland

"We arrived feeling nervous and very anxious. Within minutes the team made us feel very welcome, relaxed and at home. A wonderful experience for both sufferer and supporter. As a supporter I gained very valuable experience also." Cheryl. Essex

"Excellent venue. Put at ease immediately upon arrival by the ever bubbly Gareth. Eating as a group was very enjoyable and created a relaxed, excellent team spirit amongst the retreaters. Meeting Charles also gives you further belief that you will be anxiety free." Matt M. Staffordshire

"The retreat has been wonderful in giving Jack confidence to overcome his anxiety and panic attacks and the change in his attitude in three days has been fantastic. Jenny, Beth, Gareth and Charles have been available at all times for both of us and I cant thank them enough for their support and guidance. The retreat has given me a wonderful relaxation break that was just what the doctor ordered. We are now ready to move on with our lives in the way we always enjoyed" Rina Doherty. London

"I found the experience very positive in helping me to understand how to ove forward in my life. It is much easier to interact and discuss to fully grasp these tools that can improve your quality of life. Being in a fantastic, relaxed hotel and spa also makes it much simpler to focus on moving forward." Conrad. Essex

"For over 20 years I have tolerated high anxiety, OCD and panic attacks. I feel like I wasted so much time now after discovering that it could all be stopped so easily " R Bennett. USA

"Highly recommended. I feel I have confidence to go forward and get my life back - Wonderful to have people on hand to give support and reassurance" Jack Doherty. London

"Historically my anxiety had led me to using alcohol as a solution to feel safe and normal again. I recovered from alcoholism 10 years ago, however, I was still left with chronic anxiety. The 3 day retreat taught me that using the Linden method I can rid myself of anxiety and enjoy living a free life again feeling safe and confident.

From the moment I met the team and other clients I was in a safe environment surrounded by people just like me that understood the pain I had been in. They had been where I had been and were living proof that the method works. Previous to the retreat I felt that I was the only person who felt the way I did, my belief that I was unique immediately shattered when I heard and shared my experience with others.

I no longer suffer with anxiety and now have a great set of tools that allow me to live life to the full again and deal with problems in an appropriate and rational way.

In addition the retreat has heaps of laughter, great food and great relaxation treatments. Meditation allowed me a feeling of such peace I had never previously experienced.

Like most great ideas it is remarkably simple to understand and implement ANYONE can use it. I urge any sufferer to take a leap and get this cure. Don't waste another day suffering, take control of your life and happiness through the Linden method." Philip S. Cheshire



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