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Why is Charles Linden a coach to hundreds of celebrities and sports-people, actors and performers?

"Why we love what we do and why we are so proud of the recoveries we create."

"My name is Charles Linden.

Since 1997 our programs, resources and materials have been used by over 200,000 people and our online resources have been accessed by over 22 million people.                

My team of qualified Anxiety Recovery Specialists have spent hundreds of thousands of hours interacting with our clients and the resource of data, program materials and anxiety recovery tools we have compiled is vast.                

Despite our 8,000 plus active clients and my full diary, media engagements, Retreats and Hay House events, radio programs etc. I love my work and I adore helping people to truly change their lives."                                                  

 "Hi, my name is Beth Linden, Charles' wife and director at Linden Tree and Anxiety Recovery Retreats.            

The recoveries we create more than compensate for the years Charles spent fighting his own anxiety disorders.            

We live a blessed life and we both adore what we do.            

Charles has given his soul to every client he has ever helped and we are very proud of the changes we see happen and of our team who support and assist in everything we do."            
Directors Charles & Beth Linden
Educational Organization
From self-help to respected treatment option

Since 1997 TLM has gone from a Self-Help program to a respected program of recovery recommended by doctors and psychologists from around the world and now we also offer a government recognised, internationally transferable qualification as a Linden  Anxiety Recovery Practitioner through Linden Tree Education, our accredited educational facility. Linden Tree is an official Trading Standards partner working in Primary Authority.
Linden Tree Education Recovery & Practitioner Accreditation

Linden Tree Health Education Centre has been training and coaching Anxiety Disorder Recovery Specialists for over 15 years.            

Our courses provide a complete accreditation in a wide range of skills developed to assist anxious people to make full and permanent recoveries.            

We have developed a number of practitioner courses including our LAR Anxiety Recovery Practitioner qualification which can be accessed as an NCFE Level 4 course or through our residential LAR conversion course for medical professionals to use as part of their CPD. (Continuing Professional Development).

This is accessed through our Linden Anxiety Recovery Coaching Accreditation website. 

The Linden Method pack is an  anxiety recovery resource using printed, video and audio materials to teach sufferers exactly what Charles did to recover from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, depersonalization and derealization. The online portal contains the remainder of the program and support facilities. Both must be used in unison in order to achieve the results you need.            

This is the exact same process that the Method has conveyed to many tens of thousands of people around the world.            

When you join the program, you also receive free guidance from our amazing team of mental health professionals... anxiety recovery specialists who have guided tens of thousands of people, like you to release their potential and to be free of their high anxiety.            

They are all ex-sufferers. Whichever option you choose, you will be guaranteed our team's full attention and materials and guidance that, we know, is second to none in the world.

Who is Charles Linden?

"Charles Linden... the Allen Carr of  anxiety."
The Times
"Charles  Linden is  the world's most influential authority on anxiety."
Hay House Publishing
"The Linden Method and  Charles Linden saved my life"
The Telegraph
"I'm just an ex sufferer who found the answer, wrote it down, gave it away free and then developed hundreds of tools to help my growing number of clients to be free from anxiety disorders as quickly and permanently as possible." Charles Linden
Charles Linden is widely regarded as the world's leading anxiety recovery expert.

For over 19 years, Charles has been providing anxiety recovery guidance and resources to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, with foreign language versions of all his materials in Spanish, German, Danish and French.                

Charles is an advisor to government, corporate clients and individuals, from everyday people to politicians, sports people, Hollywood stars, actors and aristocrats.                                      

Charles' Harley Street practice and his international clients across Europe and the USA means that he spends much of his life traveling between London and Los Angeles... but he still finds the time to be in constant contact with clients through his online media including his bi-monthly, live, client webinars.                

Charles is regularly seen 'back stage' on TV and stage productions, coaching stress and anxiety elimination to actors and musicians.                

Hay House Publishing publishes a number of Charles' titles including his TV series and he is a regular contributor to Hay House Radio and the Hay House World Summit.                

Charles is often seen on TV and radio programs such as Gok's Teens and national radio shows around the world.                

Charles is a friend to all sufferers as an ex sufferer, as an anxiety recovery expert and as a spokesperson for all sufferers wherever he is needed. Charles speaks out about the mis-prescription of medication and inappropriate psychotherapy in the treatment of high anxiety conditions.                

Charles is now working closely with a number of high profile clients providing solutions to the long term unemployed and service personnel suffering from high anxiety conditions and PTSD.
"Personally, I couldn't give a damn what people think of me...

ALL I care about is getting what I know to every anxiety disorder sufferer as fast as I possibly can so that they don't have to tolerate any more of the vile fear, symptoms and thoughts that ruined over 26 years of my life. I live to do what I do, I love what I do... if you don't like my face, lack of hair, attitude, voice or demeanour... just tolerate it till I've cured you and then forget who I am!" Charles Linden

Charles Linden
& Gok Wan

Charles regularly appears on international TV and is a consultant to media companies. Charles worked with Gok Wan on his TV series and regularly advises on stress and anxiety management back stage on soaps and other productions.

Charles with
Ricki Lake

Charles' clients are situated around the world but when Charles visits his publisher in San Diego he meets up with his West Coast clients and they sometimes have interesting friends.

Lady Jemma Wellesley
& Charles

Jemma Kidd, also known as the future Duchess of Wellington, is good friends with Charles and his family in addition to being a great friend to The Linden Method. Jemma is a director of Linden Recovery.

Rupert Young, Will Young's brother

Charles helped Will Young's brother, Rupert, to recover from his anxiety and low mood. He went on to help many people who suffered like he once did. Rupert is a generous and lovely man .

Some of Charles Linden's Published Works

All of these works are provided within the TLM programs

The Recovery Programs

Our programs have been developed by ex sufferers working in Mental Health in order to create the fast and life-long recovery and physical and mental wellbeing they achieved

Home Access

Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Printed book, CD and DVD version. For all ages. Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.


Four day residential program at our Retreats venue. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

Young People

Two day residential program at our West Midlands Safari Park educational centre. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Ongoing unlimited support included.

When you join us, our focus is on your fast recovery.

All other therapies are management practices, set up to support you in suffering, not to produce relief

For over 20 years, our therapy has been creating recovery with 100% efficacy - if you do as instructed. It's just so simple but like anything in life, it has to be done in order to get results. The process is so simple that children don't even know they are doing it - it's just a different way of doing what you already do! Learn more

Our mission

To wipe out all anxiety related conditions globally. We've already made a good start.

Our goals

To cure 2 million people before 2018 & make TLM the first choice therapy in healthcare.