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Since 1997, over 320,000 people have used TLM and over 30 million others have accessed our other services

LAR Therapy, which is the therapy behind The Linden Method and all of our Workshop and Residential Retreat programs, is the World's only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy.

LAR Therapy is administered by mental health practitioners with a professional level qualification as an LAR Recovery Practitioner.

Although our support team are all psychologists and psychotherapists, what we practice is psycho-educational... not psychology. This is why what we do works so effectively... it makes sense to sufferers and is based on actual science not the bastardisation of science used widely, which produces no measurable recovery results. We treat the core condition, not the symptoms.

Since 1997, we have been providing recovery programmes for people suffering from a wide range of emotional disorders. Over 215,000 people have now used TLM and the numbers are growing rapidly as we receive increasing numbers of medical and psychological referrals from those who dismiss counselling and psychotherapy, medications and other therapies due to lack of recovery success.

Recognition of the vast difference between the recovery rates we produce and the lack of such in other practices, lead well-meaning practitioners to refer directly to us in order to move their patients down a more definite recovery pathway. We receive referrals through NHS practitioners, private practice, educational facilities and other sources. Why? Because we produce results.

Linden Tree Education is an NCFE accredited educational facility. Our team are LAR accredited, NCFE accredited, MBACP and BPS members.

To the right are two videos recorded 'off the cuff' by Charles. The first is reassuring information about how you can recover and the second asks you "what do you want?" Believe it or not, some people don't know what they want.


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Accredited Therapists
Directors Charles & Beth Linden
Introduction to recovery
What do YOU want?
Educational Organization
Following my own recovery I decided to create a self-help methodology that could become a Peer Supported Psycho-educational programme in order to teach ever anxiety disorder sufferer what I had done to remove the predisposition to suffering. Management and coping were two words I certainly never wanted to hear again and wasn't prepared to let young people like myself hear when recovery is possible, fast and simple. LAR is the world's first and only accredited anxiety disorder recovery, peer supported, programme of recovery and of that we are all, at LTE, very proud. Charles Linden - Director

A brief history of OUR time...

1997 - Our founder recovered completely in days without medication or therapy after over 25 years of suffering
1997/8 - The first programme, in paper format, was created
1998 - In one year, TLM had helped over 9,000 people to recover
1999 - The first international website and delivery portal was created. Production of our printed, CD and DVD pack
2000 - Our first GP referrals started to appear
2001 - The first articles about our unique success appeared in national press and the word started to spread
2001/2 - Started building our team of Anxiety Recovery Therapists, counsellors and psychologists
2003 - We created the international versions of the programs for the USA, Canada, Australia and Germany
2004 - Second generation TLM Portal was created with interactivity and support portal functionality
2005 - Online Recovery Webinars was launched to supplement the suite of products
2006 - Business as usual as memberships continue to grow
2007 - Over 97,000 people had used the programs
2008 - Started One-to-One Support work. Charles opened London based treatment rooms
2009 - Launched Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops. Monthly events became bi-monthly events
2010 - The Stress Free in 30 Days TV series was first broadcast
2011 - Business as usual as memberships continue to grow
2012 - Linden Tree Education was formed. Charles was published by Hay House Publishing in San Diego
2013 - Over 160,000 people had accessed programs
2014 - Capita worked with Linden Tree to create the Psycho-educational status of the organisation
2015 - NCFE Practitioner accreditation program was created and the first group of professionals graduated
2016 - Became Trading Standards Partners in Primary Authority
2017 - Just passed 215,000 people using our programs
2017 - Launch of our Childhood Anxiety Recovery Events in partnership with West Midlands Safari Park
Our founder Charles Linden, not only cured himself but also discovered the true science of anxiety recovery.

Aged just 27 Charles was the first person to use LAR Therapy, but back then, he had no idea that it would, one day, be called that, or that it would be the first and only dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy.

The changes happened so fast. He went from a housebound agoraphobic with panic disorder, OCD, derealization and depersonalization, eating disorders, health anxiety, emetophobia, monophobia, fear of dying, HOCD, ROCD and a massive group of psychological and physical symptoms that no doctor or psychologist could ever explain or remove.

Charles was on a cocktail of drugs including Diazepam, Stelazine, Prozac and more. None proved in any way beneficial, but all brought with them a myriad of side-effects and interactions that brought Charles to breakdown.

In 1996 Charles decided enough was enough and embarked on a one week journey back to full anxiety freedom and independency.

ONE WEEK. That's all it took. His doctor, psychiatrist and psychologists looked on in absolute dismay as it dawned on them that despite their training, they had made him worse and he had done what they could never do... he cured himself.

But how?

By doing what the brain and body are naturally designed to do... restore balance across every bodily system... true recovery!

What Charles achieved turned out to be the scientific way to recover from anxiety disorders and now, years later, it really is the most scientific, common sense and straight-forward recovery therapy.
The organization and Charles' work

Our organization has helped thousands of famous people, sports stars, actors, actresses, recording artists, aristocracy and tens of thousands of people just like us... amazing people just wanting to recover and enjoy their lives.

Because of our reputation for creating fast recovery outcomes, Charles has helped people from all over the world in situations which mean that they must recover quickly. Charles and the team often step up when players can't go on the field, recording artists can't get on stage or actors can't get onto the set due to anxiety, panic or other anxiety related issues... a, kind of, Anxiety Emergency Service.

Charles has also been on many hundreds of TV and radio shows and has presented and directed dozens of TV shows, DVD programs and online TV media.

Charles is also an anxiety recovery consultant to media agencies, government bodies and many private corporate organizations. Charles is a published author with over 200 titles in publication through Hay House, Lifewise Publishing and others

Charles' aim has always been to provide TLM and LAR Therapy to every anxious person in the world. It is Charles' dream to, one day, provide TLM through every school, university, business, armed service, emergency service and healthcare organization in the world.

Our organization provides home access, Workshop, Residential Retreat, CD, DVD, TV series, online portal, website, online video and audio and book formatted resources.

Charles isn't an 'ist', he's an ex sufferer who recovered and shows others how to do the same.
Charles with Ricki Lake
Charles with Gok Wan
Charles with Jemma Kidd
15 year old Hollie's Recovery
Linda Robson on her son's recovery
Jemma Kidd on The Lorraine Kelly Show
A selection of clients speak out

Some of Charles Linden's Published Works

All of these works are provided within the TLM programs
The Linden Method Recovery Therapy
Stress Free in 30 Days
TV Series
Stress Free in 30 Days Book
Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks DVD
Conquer GAD
Conquer Panic Disorder
Conquer OCD
Conquer Agoraphobia & Social Phobia DVD
Panic Attack Eliminator
Visualization CD
Visualization CD
Visualization CD
Deep Relaxation
Visualization CD
The Meadow
Visualization CD
The Beach
Visualization CD
Journey out of Agoraphobia CD

The Recovery Programs

Our programs have been developed by ex sufferers working in Mental Health in order to create the fast and life-long recovery and physical and mental wellbeing they achieved

Home Access

Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Printed book, CD and DVD version. For all ages. Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.


Four day residential program at our Retreats venue. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

Young People

Two day residential program at our West Midlands Safari Park educational centre. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Ongoing unlimited support included.
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When you join us, our focus is on your fast recovery.

All other therapies are management practices, set up to support you in suffering, not to produce relief

For over 20 years, our therapy has been creating recovery with 100% efficacy - if you do as instructed. It's just so simple but like anything in life, it has to be done in order to get results. The process is so simple that children don't even know they are doing it - it's just a different way of doing what you already do! Learn more

Our mission

To wipe out all anxiety related conditions globally. We've already made a good start.

Our goals

To cure 2 million people before 2018 & make TLM the first choice therapy in healthcare.