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You will get instant, direct access to simple recovery instructions

The Only Accredited Anxiety Disorder Recovery Therapy - with Unlimited, Professional Support, Lifetime Access & Mobile Tools to Stop Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, Obsessions & Depression In Their Tracks - 20 Years Practice - Accessed By Over 210,000 People


Recovery is a biological preset. No matter how your disorder/s manifest, recovery is achieved in the same way, at the same speed with the same results



Your mind and body don't want to be 'out of sync'... they constantly fight for normality... we just show you how to restore that normality. Failure is impossible.



Simple to understand and do, our programs were developed by ex sufferers working in mental health to make them simple and quickly effective. Support is free and unlimited after joining. Provided by accredited psychologists and psychotherapist all accredited recovery practitioners.


Anxiety Disorder, Panic attacks, Agoraphobia, OCD, Health Anxiety & Depression Recovery

simple, fast & effective recovery with support

The Only Accredited Anxiety Disorder Recovery Therapy - with Unlimited, Professional Support, Lifetime Access & Mobile Tools to Stop Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, Obsessions & Depression In Their Tracks - 20 Years Practice - Accessed By Over 210,000 People

Since 1997 - Recovery From All Conditions Of The Emotions - Lifelong Health & Wellbeing
Generalized Anxiety Disorder - GAD
Panic Disorder & Panic Attacks
Agoraphobia & Monophobia
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Health Anxiety & Fear of Dying
Eating Disorders
Emetophobia & Hair Pulling
Depersonalization & Derealization
CFS - ME - Fibromyalgia

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As ex sufferers we know how you feel but we also know how to recover. Just one call to our team of qualified recovery experts will prove to you that you can and will recover.

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If You Suffer From Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Obsessions Or Depression... In Fact ANY Emotional Imbalance... 
...This Is For You

Charles is recovery adviser to the Stars, TV & Film Studios, Sports-people, Recording Artists, Execs, Aristocracy and sufferers world-over. He is also developer of the world's only accredited Anxiety Recovery Therapy,  professional qualification & Residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats & Workshops. Charles has helped over 250,000 people over 20 years of recovery practice and his global reputation for changing lives precedes him.

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Are you ready to switch your anxiety off?

If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, health anxiety, anxiety related phobias, eating disorders, self-harming, depression or obsessive thoughts - We can show you how to recover FAST
TLM is Recovery Psychology for all conditions of the emotions and their symptoms - See full list here

"As soon as I started I knew why everything else had failed" Jayne Hughes

"I though it would take effort or time but it doesn't. Amazing" Richard Everton

"As a counsellor I was skeptical but it's changed my life" Andrea Read

22 years helping over 270,000 people to recover ... it's just such 'common sense' and so simple. 

All of our support staff aren't just psychologists and psychotherapists, they are also ex sufferer just like you... with one VITAL difference... they know how to recover and will show you how.
the linden method statement
How do we know this? Because all at TLM were just like you once!
What is Recovery?
Defining recovery is very simple...
...recovery is the total removal of a condition and every symptom, pain, thoughts or disruption it causes in a person's body or mind.
People like you are led to believe that recovery is difficult and/or impossible...
...that's just unscientific nonsense spread by ignorant practitioners.

What if we prove to you that your recovery is waiting to happen and that your mind is genetically ready to switch off your anxiety, phobias, panic, obsessions and low mood in seconds?
Such common sense...

You've probably been told that you suffer from a mental illness or depression.

You have probably been prescribed antidepressants or sedatives.

You may have been referred to talking therapies, hypnosis or counselling... but why?

You see, NONE of those treatments treat the disorder and you certainly aren't 'ill', frail or depressed... psychology and medicine is wrong... and we will prove it to you.

Clients come to us knowing that everything they have tried has failed them and within a day they fully understand exactly why they suffer, what causes it, what every symptom is, why they happen and how to overcome it all fast.

It's just such 'common sense' BUT, more than that... it's simple science.

Best of all though... it's reassuring, easy and fun to do... why?

Because it produces such fast results.

The ONLY reason you suffer now is because you haven't yet been given the solution.

The science of recovery is simple, the process is simple and recovery happens naturally, quickly and completely... your search for the true solution is over. READ CLIENT COMMENTS
Imagine BREAKING this cycle right now.

Your mind and body don’t 'hold on to' anxiety disorders…
...they want to be in emotional balance.

If your mind has the ability to switch emotions on and off in an instant, it has the
ability to switch off your disorder as quickly... just haven't told it to yet... but it WANTS to.

That's exactly what we teach you to do. Creating simple, fast and lifelong calm.

The BIG question: Why are WE different?
In a few words: The only accredited recovery therapy. Unlimited professional recovery guidance. 22 years of unmatched recovery outcomes. Evidence based recovery. 1000's of recovery case studies. An unmatched reputation. No 'tips & tricks', no 'waffle', no 'exposure' or 'coping'. Just clear instructions leading to recovery. Trial outcomes specified by government health services.

Reduction from severe anxiety to normal emotional responses.

Real Recovery = Real Joy

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The FIVE anxiety truths you've probably never heard...

Anxiety is a condition of the emotion of fear that can be completely removed.
Anxiety is NOT an emotion - It's a DISORDER.

Your body and mind can switch off anxiety quickly and simply. Here's the evidence.
This is academic science that's as old as humanity itself.

The reason you haven't done this yet is because you haven't been told how to.
In the next few minutes, you will be taught this simple science and how to use it.

Contrary to what you may have been told
, your mind and body don't want to be 'anxious'...
...they constantly fight for 'normality'... we just show you how to restore that normality. Failure is impossible.

The reason your doctor or psychologist hasn't mentioned this is that many don't have the benefit of the
hundreds of thousands of clients, research and 20 years practice that we have. Neither have they developed
the only Anxiety Disorder Recovery Therapy nor have they seen thousands of recoveries in people of all ages.


...OUR Psychologists, Psychotherapists & Anxiety Recovery Practitioners have decades of experience producing REAL recovery
and guess what? They have all suffered and recovered too. They know how you feel and exactly what to do about it.
If kids of seven do this without difficulty... you can too.

From now on, THEY are YOUR advisers... on an unlimited basis.

The 'lightbulb moment' happens for all of our clients....

The moment at which everything becomes so clear and simple!

Read, watch and hear more testimonials

FREE when you join TLM

In addition to The Linden Method and qualified recovery support, you will be able to access a wealth of additional resources which compliment The Linden Method and will speed up your recovery

We currently include all of our published books, CDs, TV series, DVDs, Recovery Webinars and much more, (worth over $1200), in our Portal Membership. All of our resources can be used on desktop, laptop, phones and tablets using any operating system.
Here are just SOME of the resources you will be able to access
STOP panic attacks in their tracks
Remove agoraphobia in 5 simple steps
Audios to create fast and deep sleep
Confidence building audios
How to become powerful & resilient
Visualisations to create deep relaxation
Charles' entire Stress Free TV series
Charles' Stress Free Book
Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks DVD
Conquer Generalised Anxiety Disorder DVD
Conquer Panic Disorder DVD
Conquer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder DVD
Specific condition busting instruction. Videos on every condition and how to overcome them all fast
Panic Attacks Talkdown Videos. Watch to stop panic attacks as they start, wherever you are
Regular and previous interactive Anxiety Recovery Webinars - hosted by Charles Linden
How to Recover From Anxiety Disorders in minutes. With Charles Linden
Life-coaching and counselling instruction to help you to address stressful life experiences
Every anxious symptom, thought and sensation explained simply and scientifically
All resources are published by Lifewise Publishing, Hay House Publishing, CL Media and Linden Tree Education under license.


NINE commonly asked questions answered

The things people want to know before joining


Does it really remove anxiety disorders?

You won't find any mental health resource with greater efficacy or more client testimonials of true recovery


How long does it
take to work?

The average time it takes to remove all anxiety, phobias, obsessions and symptoms is around 4-10 days


Is it simple to
understand and do?

Children of just 7 years of age do TLM with ease. It's very simple to do. Most don't realise they are doing it!


Can it fail to remove your anxiety disorder?

The human process we show you cannot fail. It's like eating removing hunger, it's a human preset - it cannot fail


Is age or time suffered
a factor?

No, Clients range from 6 years to 94 (so far). Recovery time is not effected by age or the period of time suffered


Does taking drugs
stop recovery?

No. If you are taking medication, it will not prevent recovery. Once recovered, you will no longer need the medication


Is it about distraction or diversion?

No, distraction and diversion will NOT remove an anxiety disorder. This is about recovery, not coping


Do I have to stop taking medication?

No, you do not have to stop anything at all. When you are anxiety free, you can do so without any consequences


Do I have to set time aside to do TLM?

No. The process will slip into your daily routine. There is nothing to write down, listen to or practice


Is there another way to experience true relief?

Understand this fully. The body and mind have developed to provide one process for each bodily function and all bodily functions work together to keep you alive and healthy. Fear is an emotion and the emotions are activated and deactivated in ONE WAY. In order to remove anxiety disorder, you have to deactivate inappropriate fear and create a neurological 'wall' to prevent suffering ever again. You CANNOT do this in any other way than the way described within TLM. This is why our results are so unique... it recognises and uses the true science which is why it's so easy to do... far easier than learning to ride a bike and FAR easier than dealing with anxiety every day.
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Read, watch and hear more testimonials
Read, watch and hear more testimonials
Read, watch and hear more testimonials

Linda Robson

Linda brought her son to us after years of failed therapy at the country's top clinics. Louis was suffering from anxiety, panic, OCD and agoraphobia. After just days, Louis was functioning fully again. Here Linda tells the story - thank you Linda.


Kyle was presented to us as a 15 year old with anxiety, panic, phobias and obsessions by Gok Wan during the production of his Gok's Teens TV series. In days, Kyle was back to his normal self after years of suffering and failed treatments.

2 more great success stories!

Two great success stories that have since been televised.

Actress Linda Robson talks about her son's recovery using our program and 15 year old Kyle talks about how we turned his life around during the TV program 'Gok's Teens' after years of suffering from anxiety, panic, agoraphobia and obsessive thoughts.

View more client stories

Meet some of the team - There when you need them

Support from qualified ex sufferers

People who know what it is to suffer, but also know how to recover fully

No other organisation employs ex sufferers with mental health qualifications and Anxiety Recovery Practitioner accreditation.

Learn more

Jenny Brookes

Jenny is our lead educator and is responsible for delivering our Anxiety Recovery Workshops and Retreat Programmes. Jenny is a psychologist and a long time member of the BPS

Jackie Anderson

Jackie is our Facilities Manager. Jackie's experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist and as our Retreat Host means that she has a massive mine of knowledge about anxiety disorders and recovery.
Learn more

The Recovery Programs

Our programs have been developed by ex sufferers working in Mental Health in order to create the fast and life-long recovery and physical and mental wellbeing they achieved

Home Access

Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Printed book, CD and DVD version. For all ages. Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.


One day recovery workshops in house or at your place of work/study. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Ongoing unlimited qualified support included.


Four day residential program at our Retreats venue. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

Young People

Two day residential program at our West Midlands Safari Park educational centre. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Ongoing unlimited support included.

Become a recovery practitioner!

When you have recovered, you can gain an internationally recognised practitioner qualification as an Anxiety Recovery Professional. Join us to help others to recover as we helped you.